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Reiki is a term for the type of hands -on energy work that I offer in conjunction with other alternative forms of healing. Reiki is a healing art that originated in Japan through Mikao Usui (1865-1926)  in the late 19th century and was slowly brought to the west around the mid-20th century.  It calms the body and mind.  It seems to sweeten everything, thoughts and emotions.  Optimally we are a healthy vibrant force, awake and light; Reiki helps to maintain that happy frequency.  When you are experiencing Reiki it is peace-filling for both the practitioner and the person or animal (even plants) receiving the treatment.  There is a pulsing flow of subtle energy that passes through my hands, a current that one client describes as a sensation like “a gentle summer rain.” Reiki is like that, it washes away the knots that bind us from our true natures.

My art making and healing practices are linked under the same umbrella of spirit, one woven from material matter, the other directly from the divine. They are both about the creation of sacred spaces and being in the depth of the embodied moment with love.  Often those times that are nearly indescribable, when we feel most alive, most connected to all that is, are illusive.  Reiki acts as a tender catalyst to inspire those feelings of oneness, by entering into a place of stillness.  This work is about body- centered awareness. We create harmony by joining with nature and bringing our compassionate hearts together. 

Reiki is acknowledged through research and study for its long term effects on disease and chronic pain, depression, fractures, for family therapy and many other issues.  From my experience, I believe it can bring benefit to any issue of discomfort. There is increased use of Reiki in a variety of medical settings from pre-natal care to hospice care.  In the peer -reviewed journal, Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, [1] Robert Schiller, MD of Beth Israel Medical Center in New York writes, it may be the best starting point for Integrative Medicine. Because “Reiki introduces the practitioner to essential elements of Integrative Medicine,” meaning the use of alternative therapies with conventional western medicine, it is a perfect compliment to any healing path.

Pamela Miles, Reiki Master practitioner, and Gala True, PhD, in the same journal, state (and which I believe to be true) “the foundation of Reiki is self-healing.”  Miles and True, PhD say, “[u]nderstanding Reiki requires an awareness of indigenous healing traditions that exist alongside, and pre-date, the Western biomedical model. In these systems, the ability to facilitate healing derives from knowledge and practices that are passed from master practitioner to student, who in turn becomes a master practitioner. Such lineages of healers are seen across cultures and idiosyncratic variations.” Above all, Reiki is a gift, it was created as a spiritual practice.  Mikao Usui brought this gift to the world through his dedication to a lifelong search for healing tools.

Through this beautiful connection with spirit, I honor my Reiki Master teachers, Claire Giovanello, Laurie Grant and the written words of Diane Stein. I bow deeply to the Usui lineage bearers, Chujiro Hiayashi and Hawayo Takata for bringing this energy to the west.  It is with deep respect and gratitude to Mikao Usui that I practice.

Reiki Master Teacher Training

Reiki is a simple miracle tool that anyone can learn.                                                               Reiki classes upon request; Reiki I, II and III level attunements.

Shamanic Practitioner  of Guided Journey Work

To learn more about the benefits of Reiki and guided journey work, please contact me at djgavel@gmail.com for further information and current pricing.

Member of the Society of Shamanic Practitioners

1. Alternative Therapies in Heath and Medicine, March/April 2003, Volume 9, Number 2-See Reiki-Review of Biofield Therapy History, Theory, Practice, and Research, Pamela Miles and Gala True, PhD and Reiki: A Starting Point for Integrative Medicine, Robert Schiller, MD