The image above is from an unknown source, I love it-it's a brilliant inspiration and a wonderland fine example of book art! Alice is about to have tea with the rabbit and fall down the rabbit hole of wide-eyed perceptions. 








The Awakening Mandala Workshop - 2nd class by popular demand
"Milk & Honey, True Love" by Deborah Gavel
"Milk & Honey, True Love" by Deborah Gavel  


OffCenter~Sat., June 8, 2013
2:30-5:30 pm
Cost: $35
with Deborah Gavel

In this three hour experience, you will be guided to create a mandala as an expression of yourself. The term, mandala, is Hindu in origin and loosely translates to mean circle or wheel. We will begin by looking at some examples of mandalas and then identifying specific symbols for you to use within your mandala. Working with water-based paints and collage, this will be a creative opportunity to express and gather self-awareness. You will get to take home a finished piece suitable for framing. Our goals will be to nurture your creative nature through conversation, observation, the act of making and the power of community.

Space is limited, so call 247-1172 now! Registration and Pre-payment required.
Deborah Gavel, MFA is an artist, educator, art activist and healer in Albuquerque. She has been working with mandalas for over twenty years as a symbol of wholeness in her paintings, collages and community performances. She is interested in the expression of nature and the human spirit through the arts.
For more information and a complete CV please see: www.deborahgavel.com


Ancient and indigenous cultures, focused more on the heart as an organ of perception, generally were more able to elegantly articulate ...internally generated emotional states.- Stephen Harrod Buhner

Intuition & Creativity
 Wednesdays, April 10th-May 29th, 10-12:30 pm at Artisan's Classroom, Albuquerque

Part II of I am Word: An experience in working with creativity as vibration.
Two books by Paul Selig will be our readers for this eight week class.  For the first part of class we will work with the final four chapters in I Am the Word (8-11) followed by the second book in his series, titled: The Book of Love and Creation. Each week we will discuss one chapter followed by a creative exercise (using water-based paints) culled from the chapter’s information. 
Class fee $185.00
Your check holds your place, payment due March 26th
PO Box 27035
Albuquerque, NM 87125







Join me Wednesday mornings for this eight week discovery: creativity with collage 

and paint.  



February 6th-March 27th, 2013


We will work with the book I AM the WORD by Paul Selig as a way to raise our 

creative vibrations. This book is a channeled text and has many helpful af´Čürmations 

within it’s pages.  It is a seminal piece of work that was published in 2009 as part of 

a series of three guides for living in these changing times. 

Each week we will create something using this text as a guide to imagery. 

Course fee- $185.00 

Po Box 27035, Albuquerque, NM 87125 



Paul Selig will be in town next Tuesday, January 22nd if you are interested see the link below: 

Paul Selig Workshop and Booksigning in Albuquerque, NM 

Tuesday, January 22 

Workshop from 6:30-8:30 

Booksigning immediately following, 8:30-9:00 

Cost: $30. 

Reserve a seat online via PayPal or contact Colette Martin at 


Albuquerque Center for Spiritual Living









Join in an experience of painting from your inner shadow, women finding voice. A conversation about that self that we fear to express, what we with hold and what we express. Through painting, Opera, fairy tales, and a Jungian poet -integrating the feminine and the shadow- we will consider Jung’s Red Book as inspiration for our own mandala-making. Simple supplies: paper, compass, pencil, watercolors

To register please contact me here before August 7, 2012:

Artisan's Classroom


CLASS FEE $200.00